Rick van der Lans

Rick van der Lans

Rick van der Lans is an independent analyst, consultant, author, and lecturer specializing in data warehousing, Business Intelligence, and database technology. He is Managing Director of R20/Consultancy and an internationally acclaimed lecturer. For many years now, he is the chairman of the annual European Enterprise Data and Business Intelligence conference. Rick writes for various websites including the well-kwown B-eye-Network.com, and he has authored many whitepapers. His popular books, including “Introduction to SQL”, have been translated into many languages and have sold over 100,000 copies. Recently, Rick published a new book entitled “Data Virtualization for Business Intelligence Systems”.

Rick van der Lans is speaker and conference chairman at our yearly conference, the Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Summit.



Logisch Datawarehouse – Architectuur, Ontwerp en Technologie

(Dutch spoken) The Logical Data Warehouse, a flexible architecture introduced by Gartner, is based on disconnecting reporting and analysis on the one hand and information sources on the other. Rick van der Lans discusses the architecture, implementation aspects and offers a market overview.




New: Business Intelligence & Datawarehousing Fundamentals

The world of BI and data warehousing can feel overwhelming due to their unique terminology and technologies. What do star scheme data mart, ETL, self-service BI, data science, big data, staging area and BI in the cloud actually mean? This seminar gives you a complete and practical introduction.



Big Data technology and products

Big Data en Fast Data Technologie voor Business Intelligence

Hadoop, NoSQL, Spark, Kafka, Storm, NewSQL, Streams (Dutch spoken) A unique seminar that will take you through the latest technology and products. Big Data, Hadoop, NoSQSL will have no more secrets after attending this session. What are the use cases for your company? How do you integrate with an existing datawarehouse architecture?




Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Summit

Conference on Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence with top rated speakers William McKnight, Rick van der Lans, Mark Madsen and Bart Baesens. Topics: Data Lake, Agile Data Strategy, Logical Data Warehouse, Data Vault, Hadoop, SuperNova, Data Science, Big Data Analytics, IoT, Fast Data.