Software engineering

Praktische sessie met hoge ROI

Integratie van Applicaties, Cloud en Mobile

Van service bus tot API (Dutch spoken) Every organization has to deal with the integration of systems and applications. But which technology do you apply with which form of integration? Guy Crets discusses the various solutions to integration.

Guy Crets




Mastering the Requirements Process

Agile - Traditional - Outsourcing This hands-on workshop presents a complete process for uncovering the real requirements, testing them for correctness, and recording them clearly, comprehensibly and unambiguously. Learn techniques to uncover what the business really needs, to innovate, to write testable, unambiguous requirements.

James Archer




Microservices Architectuur – Ontwerp, bouw en inrichting

(Dutch spoken) How are microservices designed, developed and ultimately put into service? And in the end what determines whether a component or service is a microservice? How does the collaboration change between analists, developers, testers and application managers when the organization switches over?

Sander Hoogendoorn




Modelleren en Business Analyse met Enterprise Architect 13

Workshop waarin de belangrijkste functies van Sparx Enterprise Architect 13 worden uitgelegd. In deze intensieve hands-on workshop leert u analyseren, modelleren en simuleren met Enterprise Architect. Aan bod komen UML, ArchiMate, BPMN-modelleren en het opzetten van een impact analyse.

Christian Gijsels

Utrecht Area


Hands-on workshop

Working with Business Processes

Defining, Mapping and Analysing Business Processes This course shows how to discover and scope a business process, clarify its context, model its workflow with progressive detail, assess it, and transition to the design of a new process by determining, verifying, and documenting its essential characteristics.

Alec Sharp

Utrecht Area