Peter Vieveen

Peter Vieveen is data management professional. In 2012 he has founded DAMA The Netherlands as an instrument to prepare the Dutch data management professionals to take a holistic view on data management. Where the Data Management Book of Knowledge (DMBOK) was only known by 5% in 2012, it is now used by all major companies and government organisations. In 2020 he has been chosen by the international data community in the board of DAMA International.

To prepare young data management professionals he has supported the applied universities of Utrecht and The Hague to improve their data management curriculum in that the students are better prepared for business and technical data management roles. This has resulted in the first DMBOK bachelor study in The Netherlands.
Experienced data management professionals are supported through the Certified Data Management Professionals (CDMP) graduations. By combining his 30 year experience with programme management, delivering tangible information platforms for his clients and his knowledge from data science, data governance and all other DMBOK knowledge areas, he will answer your questions for the coming years.