Turning Data into Innovation – TIBCO Connected Intelligence for Enterprises

To unify the collection of data is necessary in order to ultimately make better decisions. Without uniformity, a decision culture is based on loose sand and a gut feeling. In our contemporary information landscape, we see a greater need to integrate more and more – cloud services and storage, new sources of information, as well as API LED developments. What makes Data Management more than current! Which aspects are essential for today’s information landscape?

Data Virtualization, Data Quality, Reference Data Management, Master Data Management, and Metadata Management as part of Data Management Enable organizations to coordinate the different data silos and improve their decisions.

Our central question is: “How can TIBCO support digital transformation initiatives in this?” Data is the foundation for operational excellence, customer intimacy, and Business Reinvention. The role of TIBCO’s Unify portfolio is the cornerstone of a data-driven initiative for Operations, Data Governance, and Analytics.

  • What is the impact of data virtualization when using a data warehouse?
  • Do API LED transformations play a role in information sharing?
  • How can users gain faster insight into all company data?
  • What is the need for standardization of reference data?
  • What is the role of streaming analytics for a Data Science environment?