Half-day Tutorial

Learn from the expert

Understanding Graph Technologies

Thomas Frisendal will showcase what and how graph technologies imply from practical perspectives. He will also demonstrate how graph solutions are different as well as how traditional databases and graphs are complementary to each other. The combination of the two is really powerful.

Thomas Frisendal

April 5, 2023 (half day)




Data Quality - five step approach

Tackling Data Quality Problems

As easy as A to E - virtual half day Becoming data-driven can only be achieved if the data itself meets quality requirements. This workshop by Nigel Turner will help you identify data quality problems and their impact in your organisation and guide you through a simple five step approach to deliver and sustain improvements. [half day]

Nigel Turner

May 23 - virtual half day workshop

Your office or home office

Online only


Half day power session!

Cursus Sparx Enterprise Architect 16

Fundamentals and Best Practices [Online workshop - Dutch spoken] Online workshop hosted by BPM specialist Christian Gijsels on mastering Sparx Enterprise Architect 16.

Christian Gijsels

May 25, 2023 (half day)

Your office or home office

Online only