Dave Wells presents two keynotes during DW&BI Summit 2020

Dave Wells will present two keynotes during the Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Summit on March 25th and 26th 2020; ‘Cloud Data Warehousing: Planning for Data Warehouse Migration’; and on the second day ‘Modernizing Data Governance for the Age of Self-Service Analytics’. Furthermore, Dave will present an unique post-conference workshop: ‘Cloud Data Warehousing’.

Dave Wells is the Data Management Practice Director at Eckerson Group, a data analytics research and consulting organization. He is an internationally recognized thought leader in data management, a frequent speaker at industry conferences, and a contributing author to industry publications. Dave brings a unique perspective to data management based on several decades of working with data in both technical and business roles.

In his first keynote ‘Cloud Data Warehousing: Planning for Data Warehouse Migration‘ Dave Wells will provide an overview of the benefits, techniques, and challenges when migrating an existing data warehouse to the cloud. Migrating an existing data warehouse to the cloud is a complex process of moving schema, data, and ETL. The complexity increases when architectural modernization, restructuring of database schema or rebuilding of data pipelines is needed.

In his second session ‘Modernizing Data Governance for the Age of Self-Service Analytics‘ Dave will tell where governance fits within modern data ecosystems and show the challenges of data ethics and the role of data governance in meeting those challenges. In a self-service world, every data stakeholder plays a part in data governance. In all situations where personal data collection is accelerating and algorithms are abundant, ethical guidance is a critical component and an area where governance must take the lead.

Furthermore, Dave Wells will present a hands-on post-conference workshop: ‘Cloud Data Warehousing’. In this session he will describe the benefits, techniques, and challenges of migrating an existing data warehouse to the cloud. Dave will overview the major cloud data warehouse providers and examine some technologies that can ease the pain of cloud migration. Migration pragmatics are described within the framework of a step-by-step approach.

Extensive programme
The Datawarehousing & Business Intelligence Summit takes place on March 25th and 26th 2020 in the Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht, The Netherlands. This seventh edition of the DW&BI Summit will offer a two-day extensive programme with keynotes from speakers within the Business Intelligence field like Keith McCormick, Wayne Eckerson, Dave Wells, Nigel Turner, Rick van der Lans, Peter Boncz, Egge van der Poel, Antoine Stelma, Piethein Strengholt and Tim Schulteis. Again this year the DW&BI Summit brings a very strong line-up of speakers that are willing to share their insights with you. Key subjects this time will be topics like Database Technology, Analytics, Datawarehousing, Data modeling, Data storytelling, Machine Learning, DataQuality and lots more.