Donald Farmer presents two keynotes during DW&BI Summit 2018

Donald Farmer will present two keynotes during the Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Summit on March 20 and 21.

Donald Farmer, principal of TreeHive Strategy, is an internationally-known advisor to analytics vendors, investors and enterprises. His career has ranged from fish-farming and archeology, to leading product teams at Microsoft and Qlik. Donald specializes in helping his clients to develop advanced strategies for analytics, innovation and design, especially taking advantage of new technologies and techniques. In his first keynote Uncertainty and Analytics he addresses the growth of machine learning and artificial intelligence, with whom you may think we have more and better analytic insight than ever before. We do, but there’s a catch. In this session, Donald will explore what business and IT need to know about these new analytics. He will consider the advantages and pitfalls of building decision support in an uncertain world, looking at issues with data quality, data visualization and regulatory compliance as relevant issues.

In his second session, Governance and Compliance in the Age of Self-Service, he will address the challenges for the business user and the IT department regarding self-service Business Intelligence. For business users trying to work with IT to make data discovery a viable, reputable alternative to traditional BI, this session will be insightful. For IT departments, struggling to keep up with a new stream of demands from business along with stricter rules around governance and compliance, this session will be essential.

Donald Farmer has published a blog about Governance and Compliance in the Age of Self-Service on BI-Platform.