Keith McCormick presents two keynotes during DW&BI Summit 2019

Keith McCormick will present two keynotes during the Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Summit on March 27th and 28th 2019; Model Deployment for Production & Adoption – Why the Last Task Should be the First Discussed; and Addressing Organizational Resistance to Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning. Also afterwards he will present an unique post-conference workshop: Putting Machine Learning to Work.

Keith McCormick is a highly accomplished professional senior consultant, mentor, and trainer, having served as keynote and moderator at international conferences focused on analytic practitioners and leadership alike. Keith has leveraged statistical software since 1990 along with deep expertise utilizing popular industry advanced analytics solutions such as IBM SPSS Statistics, IBM SPSS Modeler, AMOS, Answer Tree, popular open source and other tools involving text and big data analytics. Keith McCormick has guided organizations to establish highly effective analytical practices across industries, to include public sector, media, marketing, healthcare, retail, finance, manufacturing and higher education.

In his first keynote ‘Model Deployment for Production & Adoption – Why the Last Task Should be the First Discussed’ Keith McCormick will discuss very specific design issues that must be resolved before meaningful data exploration, data preparation and modeling can begin. This session will convey imperative preparatory considerations to arrive at accountable, deployable and adoptable projects and Keith will share carefully chosen project design case studies and how deployment is a critical design consideration. This session is essential for everyone who is involved in building analytical and predictive models.

In his second session ‘Addressing Organizational Resistance to Predictive Analytics’ McCormick will discuss organizational resistance against implementation of an accurate model. This predictable and eminently manageable problem simply requires attention during the project’s design phase. Proper design will minimize resistance and most projects will proceed to their natural conclusion – deployed models that provide measurable and purposeful benefit to the organization. Keith will share carefully chosen case studies based upon real world projects that reveal why organizational resistance was a problem and how it was addressed.

Furthermore, Keith McCormick will present an unique post-conference workshop: Putting Machine Learning to Work. In this workshop, suited for Data Scientists, Technology Planners, Consultants, Business Analysts and Analytics Projectleaders, Keith will show which machine learning-methods are best fit for business requirements and how to gain value from them.

Extensive programme
The Datawarehousing & Business Intelligence Summit takes place on March 27th and 28th 2019 in the Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht, The Netherlands. This sixth edition of the DW&BI Summit will offer a two-day extensive programme with keynotes from speakers within the Business Intelligence field like Keith McCormick, Martin Kersten, Nigel Turner, Kent Graziano, Lawrence Corr, Rick van der Lans, Lex Pierik and Rutger Rienks. Again this year the DW&BI Summit brings a very strong line-up of speakers that are willing to share their insights with you. Key subjects this time will be topics like Database Technology, Analytics, Datawarehousing, Data modeling, Data storytelling, Machine Learning, DataQuality and lots more.