Course Description

The seminar starts at 13.30 and ends at 17:30. Registration commences at 12.30.

(Dutch spoken)

Rise of the citizen developer

We will start this seminar by taking a look at the main challenges of business apps. Next, we will zoom in on the term ‘citizen developer’ and on what kind of evolution this developer will bring in the application development space:

  • Consumer apps vs. business apps, a 5:1 gap.
  • Welcome to the citizen developer, a new way of bringing value to the business.
  • Benefits and capabilities of low code app platforms
  • Overview of major players on low code platform marketplace
  • Transforming your organization to work with low code platforms
  • How to get started with low code platforms
  • Inspiration of low code business apps


Overview of the Microsoft Business Application Framework

We will go further in-depth on the different aspects of the Microsoft Business Application Framework. The 5 building blocks of the platform – Power BI, PowerApps, Flow, Common Data Service, Connectors – will be discussed.

  • Overview of the low code solutions landscape
  • Microsoft and their low code platform ambition
  • What is included in the framework? We will briefly zoom in on all 5 building blocks
  • What is the intended audience?
  • What can you achieve with it?
  • Advantages of the business application platform
  • Use cases



Deep dive into Microsoft PowerApps & Flow

Let’s have a look at the different building blocks of Microsoft PowerApps & Flow

Microsoft PowerApps

  • Which environments are available?
  • How can we design great apps?
  • Which features can we incorporate in our apps?
  • Which data sources & connections are available for use?
  • How to deploy apps in our organisation?

Microsoft Flow

  • What are triggers?
  • Which actions can we define?
  • What conditions can be applied?


PowerApps & Flow in practice

Let’s build an app from scratch. We’ll guide you through the different steps needed to build & deploy your app.