Data Driven: more than just technology (Dutch spoken)

APG is the largest pension provider in the Netherlands and sees data as a crucial asset from current and future business operations. The government is increasingly withdrawing from a sufficient retirement provision (raising the state retirement age, decreasing the pension accrual), so insight into the personal situation of participants and offering action perspective is crucial. APG also wants to be a leader as an executor and investor.

All this has led to the earmarking of data as a strategic asset. But how do you get from that ambition to execution on the various axes of technology, capability, culture and organization? This presentation tells an integral story about the journey that has been made in the past period: what went well, what didn’t, what did we learn from it, where are we now?
The development of an appropriate architecture, the building of the right knowledge and skills, the combination with modern working methods and the challenges of collaboration across business units will be discussed:

  • Business drivers
  • Architecture and knowledge
  • Culture and agility
  • Organization and sponsorship
  • Critical success factors