Data routes: combining data vault, ensemble modeling and data virtualisation (Dutch spoken)

Data vault, ensemble logical modeling, data virtualization and cloud are known to every BI or data warehouse specialist. But the big question is how you can use them together to develop real-life systems and then make optimum use of the power and possibilities of each component. This session explains how all can be used efficiently together. Key to this is the new concept of “data routes”. Within a data and analytics architecture, data routes serve as a fuel for the virtual data presentation layer that is accessed by end users for all their data needs.

The concept proposes a data-oriented way of processing that rests on the aforementioned issues such as data vault, ensemble modeling and data virtualization. A decoupling of data and technology is hereby realized whereby the emphasis is shifted to the characteristics of the data and the requirements set by use cases. The result is offered as a virtual (semantic) data layer to a broad group of data users. With the help of data virtualization, a virtual data collection is built as a virtual data portal for data users.

  • Does a Cloud Analytics platform offer a complete solution?
  • How does the Data Routes concept fit in an existing data architecture for Data & Analytics?
  • Is data modeling not necessary anymore?
  • How do data routes and data virtualization fit together?
  • From Ensemble logical modeling to data vault databases