Data Strategy according to DMBoK [Dutch spoken]

In an increasingly complex and interconnected world there is an increased need for autonomous systems that are beyond the capabilities of human operators. Swarm Intelligence systems rely on emergent intelligence for their problem solving issues. Decisions following out of these intelligent systems are dependent on the data in your organization. Implementing data quality leads to better data. But do you know whether the data is fit for purpose? Is the data used in the appropriate context within your BI systems?

A data strategy is needed to enable your organization to make fact based decisions through data literate employees supported by intelligent systems. Gamifaction and Data Literacy are meant to explain your data strategy. Peter Vieveen will guide you through the process of defining such a data strategy using the Data Management Body of Knowledge and explain how to use gamification and data literacy to explain the data strategy to your organization.

  • A concrete approach to defining a data strategy
  • The importance of gamification in a data strategy
  • The four pillars of data wisdom in gamification
  • Successfully implementing the data strategy with the knowledge areas of DMBoK
  • Experiences with the game Data Moles for creating a data strategy.