The data kitchen of the RIVM: from testlocation to Covid-19 dashboard [Dutch spoken]

On 27 February 2020, the SARS-CoV-2 virus was detected for the first time in a patient in the Netherlands. The importance of high-quality data from the entire care chain in fighting the pandemic quickly became clear. Every organization in the Dutch healthcare chain is involved: GGD, VWS, RIVM, laboratories, hospitals, care institutions, GPs, patient federations, ICT suppliers, and so on.

This presentation provides a glimpse into the RIVM’s data kitchen. What were the challenges in collecting all the ingredients, seasoning them and serving them on the (dash)plate? An important piece of kitchen equipment was the pressure cooker. This session will focus on the experiences gained during the development of the Corona dashboard and required systems under high pressure, with the whole population of the Netherlands watching.

  • Overview of the healthcare chain and associated data flows.
  • Tools and techniques for harmonisation and generation of output at RIVM.
  • The role of open data and FAIR principles.
  • Initial experiences with data virtualisation.
  • Overview of data for the Covid-19 dashboard.