Developing your own Enterprise Data Marketplace (Dutch spoken)

We have known public data marketplaces for a long time. These are environments that provide all kinds of data products that can be purchased or used. In recent years, organizations have started to develop their own data marketplace: the enterprise data marketplace. An EDM is developed by its own organization and supplies data products to internal and external data consumers. Examples of data products are reports, data services, data streams, batch files, etcetera. The essential difference between an enterprise data warehouse and an enterprise data marketplace is that with the former users are asked what they need and with the latter it is assumed that the marketplace owners know what the users need. Or in other words, we go from demand-driven to supply-driven. This all sounds easy, but it isn’t at all. In this session, the challenges of developing your own enterprise data marketplace are discussed.

  • Challenges: research, development, marketing, selling, payment method
  • Is special technology needed for developing a data marketplace?
  • Differences between data warehouses and marketplaces
  • Including a data marketplace in a unified data fabric
  • The importance of a searchable data catalog.