Embedding Data Science in your Data Platform [Dutch spoken]

In the past few years many organizations invested in experimenting with Data Science, predictive models and Analytics. Often we see these models used as point in time solutions in the business, with little attention for support and a lot of manual work to be done. The next challenge is to move from experimenting to operationalization. How to move the models and related data science activities to a governed IT data and application landscape? We do this to get an even more widely distributed and, more important, operationalized data enviroment within the organization. In addition, this will help to address the ambitions to become even more Data Driven.
In this session we will show you the journey from ambition to operationalization, the Architecture, a few important desicions to make and the way to migrate to such an environment. We will address the unique challenges, a lot of hands on and our lessons learned.

  • Data Platform: in the cloud or not?
  • Not only focus on Technology, but also on Organization
  • Migrate & Integrate data on a total scale
  • Focus on business value
  • Share our lessons learned
  • Become Data Driven.