Experiences with embedded BI in customer-facing applications [Dutch spoken]

Virtually all organizations have experience in developing traditional BI applications, such as dashboards and reports for employees. However, the development of Embeddded BI applications that are used by customers and suppliers as part of online applications is still unknown territory. Customer-facing BI applications can be used, for example, to speed up time to market, increase customer satisfaction and achieve greater reach.

These types of applications require a different development approach and the use of different technologies. In this session, the various building blocks are discussed such as web embedding, secure custom portal, SAAS/COTS embedding, embedding of real-time and interactive decision points and action-oriented dashboards. The importance of scalable cloud-based database servers such as Google BigQuery, Amazon RedShift, Snowflake and Starburst will also be discussed.


  • Five levels of Embedded BI
  • Architecture options: serverless or not, real-time and batch, lambda and kappa
  • Democratization of insights through customer-facing BI-solutions
  • Success stories of Embedded BI
  • Four important blocks: the database and infrastructure, the analytics platform, software development resources and the data product owner.