Data disruption cannot go without IT disruption (Dutch spoken)

The data-driven organization, digital transformation, and the data economy are all hot topics in board rooms. They all imply that the role of data changes. Organizations want to use data more widely, more effectively, and more efficiently: a real data disruption. However, data disruption clearly raises the bar for developing IT systems, because it leads to more complex IT systems, involving e.g. AI, sensor technology, and real-time analytics. Luckily, so much high-tech technology is available, we can almost build whatever the business needs. So, the technology is ready, but is IT itself ready? You would think so. IT has more than fifty years of experience in data modeling, data architectures, data strategies, data warehouses and databases. If we look at our track record for developing more traditional IT systems, we have to conclude that some of our projects have not been delivered on time and within budget, and are sometimes completely cancelled. So, how will IT perform if the complexity dramatically increases? What can we actually learn in the future from all the experiences we have gained? What do we have to change in order to participate in this increasingly data-driven economy in which digital transformation is the magic word for everyone? This keynote addresses this issue, and discusses recommendations on how IT specialists and IT management need to change to be able to address the actual data disruption: the IT disruption.

  • How good is our track record with respect to developing IT systems?
  • Why don’t we deploy more code generators and self-driving technology?
  • Has data modeling actually changed in the last 30 years?
  • How should the IT specialist change to be ready for the data disruption?
  • The importance of in-depth IT knowledge at the top of the organization.