Managing and exploring data using a data lake and an analytics lab (Dutch spoken)

In the highly complex world of semiconductor manufacturing vast amounts of largely varied data are generated every day. ASML, world-leader manufacturer of machines for the production of semiconductors (chips), is implementing a central data lake to capture this data and make it accessible for reporting and analytics in a central environment. The data lake environment also includes an analytics lab for detailed exploration of data. Managing all this rapidly changing data imposes some very challenging requirements. In this session, real-life examples of how ASML approaches these challenges are presented.

  • How do business users and data scientists discover information in the data lake without drowning in the amount and complexity?
  • How can users be enabled to understand the data they want to consume, including were the data comes from (data lineage)?
  • How do we make sure that the data can be trusted?
  • How can ASML control and monitor that access to data is secure?
  • What added value can the analytics lab bring?