Modernizing Data Governance for the Age of Self-Service Analytics

With democratization of analytical capabilities and the wider access to data, questions arise on the governance and regulatory- and ethical compliance of the data usage. Locking all data down is not the answer as we would lose too much value.
Using the Data Governance 1.0 top down and waterfall like models are not well suited to deal with the new paradigms. The presentation focusses on the steps you need to take to get sustainable and compliant value through (Self-Service) Analytics out of your big data.

You will learn:

  • How to adapt your data governance for the new ways of working
  • What is the distinction between Information and Big Data Governance
  • What should you put in place for properly governing self-service analytics
  • Increasing data literacy
  • Catering for the dynamics of data on-boarding and usage flows
  • Towards policy based classification and access
  • Use case governance vs Critical Data Elements