Combining AI and BI in a dynamic data landscape

Business teams are raising the bar on Business Intelligence and Datawarehouse support. BI competence centers and data managers have to respond to expanding requirements: offer more data, more insight, maximal quality and accuracy, ensuring appropriate governance, etc. All to create guidance for enhancing their business. The promise of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence is attracting increased business interest and stimulates data-driven innovation and accelerated development of smarter applications. Data Scientist teams grow, and can take over the lead from BI competence centers.
– How should such developments, which make sense from a business improvement perspective, be supported by data management activity?
– How to control privacy and create an effective data governance strategy?
– It becomes more challenging to design appropriate data warehouses, BI functionality and data access control when business interests change frequently and application development evolves rapidly, driven by “AI initiatives”.

This session will review techniques and technology for effective (meta) data management and smarter BI for widening data landscapes. We will elaborate the details for an appropriate governance approach supporting advanced Business Intelligence and Insight Exploration functions.