Remote Data Modelstorming with BEAM: Lessons learnt from 2 years of data modeling training and consulting online

In this interactive session Lawrence Corr shares his thoughts and experiences on using visual collaboration platforms such as Miro and MURAL for gathering BI data requirements remotely with BEAM (Business Event Analysis and Modeling) for designing star schemas. Learn how visual thinking, narrative, a simple script with 7Ws and lots of real and digital Post-it ™ notes can get your stakeholders thinking dimensionally and capturing their own data requirements with agility in-person and at a distance.

Attendees will have the opportunity to vote visually on a virtual whiteboard and should have their smartphones ready to send Lawrence some digital notes to play the ‘7W game’ using the Post-it app.

This session will cover:

  • Using BEAM (Business Event Analysis and Modeling) remotely to discover key business activity and define rich dimensional data sets
  • Playing the 7W game as an icebreaker and introduction to BEAM
  • Comparisons of key virtual whiteboard features in Miro, MURAL, InVision Freehand and LucidSpark
  • Hybrid modelstorming – starting in-person with real Post-its, capturing work digitally and completing in the cloud
  • BEAM modelstorming templates available in Miro and MURAL which you can using straight away