The modern database eco-system, the world is changing quickly (Dutch spoken)

Cloud-based services, in-memory databases, and massive parallel (ML) database applications are predominant in the BI marketing hype nowadays.
But, what has really changed over the last decade in the DBMS products being offered? What players are riding the technology curve successfully? Should we worry about the impact of new hardware such as GPU and non-volatile memory? And, should we rely on programmers to reinvent the wheel for each and every database interaction? What are the hot technologies brewing in the kitchen of database companies?

A few topics we will cover in more detail:

  • Column stores, a de-facto standard for BI pioneered in the Netherlands
  • From Hadoop to Apache Spark, when to consider pulling your credit card
  • Breaking the walls between DBMS and application languages Java/C/..
  • Performance, more than just a benchmark number
  • Resource provisioning to save money.