Guy Crets

Guy Crets

Guy Crets is a Business Integration Architect and Partner at I8C. I8C itself is part of the Belgian Cronos Group with a headcount of well over 4000. Guy is a leading consultant and speaker with more than 25 years of experience in the area of application integration and SOA. He spoke at many international conferences and user groups, presented workshops and moderated panel discussions.
In Belgium, Guy regularly presents workshops for SAI (similar to NGI in the Netherlands).

Guy was and is involved in numerous SOA and integration projects: screen scraping, mainframe integration, JMS messaging, TIBCO EAI, SAP Netweaver, cloud integration and API management. As a consultant for numerous companies, varying from Fortune top 500 to SME’s, Guy has a gained a tremendous experience in all these integration projects. In Belgium at organizations such as Engie, Swift and Eurocontrol, in the Netherlands at Philips, Rabobank and Interpolis. This experience combined with his expertise in the area of integration solutions and products, will serve you well when being confronted with application integration challenges within your organization.



API Management – Design, Manage, and Tools

(Dutch spoken) APIs are the ready-to-use building blocks for new applications; they make business more flexible to changes in the market. This seminar focuses on the design of APIs and how to provide them. All relevant topics related to API Management will be discussed in an accessible manner.

April 9, 2019



Praktische sessie met hoge ROI

Integratie van Applicaties, Cloud en Mobile

(Dutch spoken) Every organization has to deal with the integration of systems and applications. But which technology do you apply with which form of integration? Guy Crets discusses the various solutions to integration and covers topics like EAI, ESB, all the way to microservices and the human factor.

May 16, 2019