Lex Pierik

Lex Pierik

Lex Pierik started working in the ICT industry in 2000 and by extensive field experiences he quickly grew into his current role as a principal BI consultant. He is a seasoned ICT professional with a particular expertise in both the conceptual as well as the technical complexities of BI challenges.

Lex is the creator and facilitator of tool agnostic visualization training sessions and he has been able to convince many companies and both BI and non-BI professionals of the importance of visualization techniques in order to produce actionable insights.


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Datavisualisatie en Data Driven Storytelling

(Dutch spoken) How do you go from data to insight? Lex Pierik addresses the trends in data visualization, dashboards and graphs, and the role and function of visualization within your organization. You will experience hands-on training in the workshop Data Driven Storytelling.

May 18, 2021

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