Nigel Turner

Nigel Turner is Principal Information Management Consultant for EMEA at Global Data Strategy Ltd. and Vice-Chair of the Data Management Association of the UK. Nigel has worked in Information Management for over 25 years, both as an in-house deliverer of Information Management solutions at British Telecommunications plc and subsequently as an external consultant to more than 150 clients, including British Gas, UK Environment Agency, Intel US and others. He also works as a part time project manager at Cardiff University’s National Software Academy. Nigel is a sought after speaker at conferences on information management and is based in Cardiff, UK.

Nigel was one of the speakers at previous editions of our yearly conference, the Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Summit.


Practical seminar with Nigel Turner

A Data Strategy for Becoming Data Driven

A Data Strategy for Success This seminar by Nigel Turner will outline the practical steps needed to produce an achievable data strategy and plan, and how to ensure that it becomes a living and agile blueprint for digital change.

 English spoken

November 21, 2024