Data Modelling

Practical hands-on workshops on data modelling by expert trainers Alec Sharp and Lawrence Corr. Key words: business-oriented, collaborative, E-R, dimensional.

Online workshop - 5 half day sessions!

Business-oriented Data Modelling Masterclass

Balancing Engagement, Agility, and Complexity This data modelling workshop by Alec Sharp covers Entity-Relationship modelling from a non-technical perspective, provides tips and guidelines for the analyst, and explores contextual, conceptual, and detailed modelling techniques that maximize user involvement.

Alec Sharp

November 22-26 (5 half days)

Your office or home office

Live Stream only


Practical and highly participative.

Agile Data Warehouse Design & Dimensional Modeling

Collaborative BI Requirements Analysis & Dimensional Modeling Training A 3-day dimensional modelling course presented internationally by leading data warehousing expert and author Lawrence Corr, covering the latest agile techniques for systematically gathering Business Intelligence (BI) requirements and designing effective DW/BI systems.

Lawrence Corr

June 13-15, 2022