Since June 2020, we have been running three types of events with sometimes different guidelines and conditions. 

  1. Face-to-Face. The ‘old normal’ as was customary until 2020. This event format is hosted at our usual accommodation and course proceedings, coffee, tea and lunch are included in the registration fee. With the current COVID-19 restrictions, the number of attendees that can join us in the classroom on location is limited. Please register early to avoid disappointment.
  2. Live Stream only. These are offered strictly online from our specially equipped course studio and can only be attended online from your own (home) workplace.
    • If possible, we limit ourselves to half-day sessions, sometimes three consecutive mornings.
    • We send participants an invitation with hyperlink to log in to the online meeting well in advance, as well as a PDF with tips and guidelines.
    • We will also send you the course material as a PDF in advance and if that is not possible you will receive the paper handout.
    • Pricing for attending online has been adjusted (lowered) relative to attending face-to-face.
    • For some (international) speakers we may use their own virtual course room facilities but we will send the invite ourselves and the meeting will run on the Adept online meeting platform.
  3. Face-to-Face and live streaming. This format relates to so-called hybrid events, i.e. a combination of the above two formats. The event takes place on location with both attendees in the classroom and participants who attend the event online from an interactive live video stream.
    • Upon registration you can indicate whether you want to attend face-to-face in our classroom or online via the live video stream.
    • Of course the number of seats in the classroom is limited and you cannot switch from online to the classroom without consulting us due COVID-19 restrictions with reserved seats.
    • Not only the speaker, but also the attendees in the classroom are equipped with microphones so that online participants can follow all questions or comments that are made.
    • Questions and comments from online attendees are also amplified in the room so that everyone can follow them.
    • If desired or required, the video feed could also be provided in both directions. We would then project the online attendees onto the screen in the room and vice versa, we would present the attendees in the room via video to the attendees in the online meeting. For example, during the ‘ introduction round ‘.
    • We require a minimum of three online attendees for adding a live video stream. Particularly for workshops since that is the mimimum group size needed to run exercises in a virtual breakout room.
    • We will ‘automatically’ convert this hybrid format to virtual format from our own studio if courses cannot be held in classrooms due to corona restrictions. If there are sufficient registrations, we do not need to postpone the course, but switch to online.

Those attending an online event or a hybrid event with the live video stream will be sent an invitiation with the meeting hyperlink and instructions a few days before, so well in advance of the course.