Building an Enterprise Data Marketplace

Most firms today want to create a high quality, compliant data foundation to support multiple analytical workloads. A rapidly emerging approach to building this is to create DataOps pipelines that produce reusable data products. However, there needs to be somewhere where these data products can be made available so data to be shared. The solution is a data marketplace where ready-made, high quality data products that can be published for others to consume and use. This session looks at what a data marketplace is, how to build one and how you can use it to govern data sharing across the enterprise and beyond. It also looks at what is needed to operate a data marketplace and the trend to become a marketplace for both data and analytical products.

  • The need for a high-quality data foundation to support decision making
  • Incrementally building a data foundation using DataOps pipelines to product Data Products
  • Using an enterprise data marketplace to share data
  • What is the difference between a data catalog and a data marketplace?
  • Challenges in establishing a data marketplace
  • What processes are needed to operate a data marketplace?
  • Governing the sharing of data using a data marketplace
  • Trends – publishing analytical products in a marketplace
  • Progressively shortening time to value using a marketplace.