Cloud Data Warehousing: Planning for Data Warehouse Migration

Cloud data warehousing helps to meet the challenges of legacy data warehouses that struggle to keep up with growing data volumes, changing service level expectations, and the need to integrate structured warehouse data with unstructured data in a data lake. Cloud data warehousing provides many benefits, but cloud migration isn’t fast and easy. Migrating an existing data warehouse to the cloud is a complex process of moving schema, data, and ETL. The complexity increases when architectural modernization, restructuring of database schema or rebuilding of data pipelines is needed.

This session provides an overview of the benefits, techniques, and challenges when migrating an existing data warehouse to the cloud. We will discuss the pros and cons of cloud migration, explore the dynamics of migration decision making, and look at migration pragmatics within the framework of a step-by-step approach to migrating. The tips and techniques described here will help you to make informed decisions about cloud migration and address the full scope of migration planning.

You Will Learn:

  • The what and why of cloud data warehousing
  • The benefits and challenges of cloud data warehousing
  • Migration analysis and decision making
  • Technology roles in migration to the cloud
  • A step-by-step framework for data warehouse migration.