Cutting Data Fabric and Mesh to Measure

 [Video introduction] The data warehouse is over thirty years old. The data lake just turned ten. So, is it time for something new? In fact, two new patterns have recently emerged—data fabric and data mesh—promising to revolutionise the delivery of BI and analytics.

Data fabric focuses on the automation of data delivery and discovery using artificial intelligence and active metadata. Data mesh has a very novel take on today’s problems, suggesting we must take a domain driven approach to development to eliminate centralised bottlenecks. Each approach has its supporters and detractors, but who is right? More importantly, should you be planning to replace your existing systems with one or the other?

In this session, Dr. Barry Devlin will explore what data fabric and mesh are, what they offer, and how they differ. We will compare them to existing patterns, such as data warehouse and data lake, data hub and even data lakehouse, using the Digital Information Systems Architecture (DISA) as a base. This will allow us to clearly see their strengths and weaknesses and understand when and how you might choose to move to one or the other.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why we are seeing new patterns emerge
  • What are data fabric and data mesh and how they differ
  • Why you would want to use them
  • What the roadblocks are to each
  • Under what circumstances would you use them and where would you start.