Data Warehousing in Today and Beyond

The world of data warehousing has changed! With the advent of Big Data, Streaming Data, IoT, and The Cloud, what is a modern data management professional to do? It may seem to be a very different world with different concepts, terms, and techniques. Or is it? Lots of people still talk about having a data warehouse or several data marts across their organization. But what does that really mean today? How about the Corporate Information Factory (CIF), the Data Vault, an Operational Data Store (ODS), or just star schemas? Where do they fit now (or do they)? And now we have the Extended Data Warehouse (XDW) as well. How do all these things help us bring value and data-based decisions to our organizations? Where do Big Data and the Cloud fit? Is there a coherent architecture we can define? This talk will endeavor to cut through the hype and the buzzword bingo to help you figure out what part of this is helpful. I will discuss what I have seen in the real world (working and not working!) and a bit of where I think we are going and need to go in today and beyond.

  • What are the traditional/historical approaches
  • What have organizations been doing recently
  • What are the new options and some of their benefits.