Openness and ownership – the balancing act of enterprise data

[Video-introduction] The role of data in business processes has never been more critical. But as we develop new technologies and new skills it feels like we meet new dilemmas at every turn. Concerns about governance and compliance seem to conflict with demands for agility and collaboration. The expanding scope of the data we work with brings new ethical concerns to light. 

So, are we doomed to a constant struggle for control of our data assets? I don’t think so. In this session, I’ll sketch out a provocative, but hopefully useful idea – that we have confused ownership and accountability, governance and compliance, openness and collaboration. We’ll look at some potentially new approaches, which aim to resolve some of the complex puzzles of enterprise data.

  • Getting to know your enterprise data – do you really know what you have?
  • Why would anyone share enterprise data?
  • Security, privacy, governance, compliance – the essential differences
  • The process of data sharing
  • Catalogs vs Warehouses vs Lakes
  • Roles and responsibilities in data ownership.