Barry Devlin

Would you let AI do your BI?

AI is everywhere. Its early invasion of everyday life – from dating to policing – has succeeded beyond its proponents’ wildest dreams. Analytics and machine learning built on “big data” feature daily in the mainstream media.

In IT, BI and analytics vendors are adding artificial intelligence to enhance their offerings and tempt managers with the promise of better or faster decisions. So, how far could AI go? Will it take on a significant proportion of decision making across the entire enterprise, from operational actions to strategic management? What would be the consequences if it did?

In this session, Dr. Barry Devlin explores the challenges and potential benefits of moving from BI to AI. We explore its use in data management; its relationship to data warehouses, marts, and lakes; its emerging role in BI; its strengths and weaknesses at all levels of decision-making support; and the opportunities and threats inherent in its two main modes of deployment: automation and augmentation.

What you will learn:

  • Where and why AI has been incorporated into today’s BI and analytics products
  • How data preparation and governance benefit from AI
  • What AI offers to existing data warehouses and lakes
  • The important difference between automation and augmentation
  • The dangers of thoughtless automation and benefits of well-considered augmentation
  • Ethical considerations in adopting AI in enterprise decision making.