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The Data-Process Connection

How Concept Modelling Supports Process, Business Analysis and Architecture Work [Virtual half day] Alec Sharp illustrates the many ways concept models (conceptual data models) support business process change and business analysis. And Alec covers what a data professional needs to know on business processes. [Half day virtual delivery.]

 English spoken

Alec Sharp

November 7, 2024 - virtual half day seminar

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Hands-on workshop (Dutch spoken)

Cursus Sparx Enterprise Architect 16

Fundamentals and Best Practices Workshop hosted by Christian Gijsels on analyzing, modelling and simulation with the latest release of Sparx Enterprise Architect, version 16. Archimate, BPMN modelling, DFD, DMN, UML, including data modelling features.

 Dutch spoken

Christian Gijsels

November 28, 2024