Becoming Data Driven – A Data Strategy for Success & Business Insight

More enterprises are seeking to transform themselves into data-driven, digitally based organisations. Many have recognised that this will not be solely achieved by acquiring new technologies and tools. Instead they are aware that becoming data-driven requires a holistic transformation of existing business models, involving culture change, process redesign and re-engineering, and a step change in data management capabilities.
To deliver this holistic transformation, creating and delivering a coherent and overarching data strategy is essential. Becoming data-driven requires a plan which spells out what an organisation must do to achieve its data transformational goals. A data strategy can be critical in answering questions such as: How ready are we to become data-driven? What data do we need to focus on, now and in the future? What problems and opportunities should we tackle first and why? What part does business intelligence and data warehousing have to play in a data strategy? How do we assess a data strategy’s success?
This session will outline how to produce a data strategy and supporting roadmap, and how to ensure that it becomes a living and agile blueprint for change rather than a statement of aspiration.
This session will cover:

  • The relationship between an organisation’s business strategy and data strategy
  • What a data strategy is (and is not)
  • Building & delivering a data strategy – the key components and steps
  • The role of BI/DW in a data strategy – data issues and data needs
  • The ‘limit or liberate’ data dilemma and how to resolve it through data governance
  • Several use cases of successful data strategies and lessons learned.