Governance and Compliance in the Age of Self-Service

In the BI market, everyone is talking about “self-service.” Business users are excited to have new tools which make analysis and collaboration easier than ever before. IT departments hope that life will be easier without the large number of requests from users for new dashboards, visualizations and apps.

But in practice, life for the IT department can be even busier with self-service BI. Users are no longer demanding reports – they are demanding access to data, with ease of use, high performance and security. 

In this session we will show how IT can respond effectively to these demands, but only if they also use the appropriate tools: tools which enable automated, agile deployment of governed, managed sources. We’ll show how these tools for IT match the self-service tools of business users to make data discovery truly effective and enterprise-ready in a modern organization.

For business users trying to work with IT to make data discovery a viable, reputable alternative to traditional BI, this session will be insightful. For IT departments, struggling to keep up with a new stream of demands from business along with stricter rules around governance and compliance, this session will be essential.

  • The different worlds of IT and business users
  • User-focussed technologies that enable Self-Service
  • User practices that challenge governance and compliance
  • Data Supply Chains vs Data Lifecycles
  • IT as Shopkeepers vs IT as Gatekeepers
  • Compliance and Ethics